De-Xing Kong

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This paper deals with the global exact boundary controllability of a class of quasilinear hyperbolic systems of conservation laws with linearly degenerate characteristics. It is shown that the system with nonlinear boundary conditions is globally exactly boundary controllable in the class of piecewise C functions. Some physical and mechanical applications(More)
In this paper we investigate the one-dimensional hyperbolic mean curvature flow for closed plane curves. More precisely, we consider a family of closed curves F : S × [0, T ) → R which satisfies the following evolution equation ∂F ∂t (u, t) = k(u, t) ~ N(u, t)− ▽ρ(u, t), ∀ (u, t) ∈ S1 × [0, T ) with the initial data F (u, 0) = F0(u) and ∂F ∂t (u, 0) = f(u)(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the age, sex, and hemispheric differences in volume of the striatum by MRI in healthy adults. METHODS The volumes of the bilateral caudate nucleus and putamen were measured on MR images in 100 healthy right-handed adults (18-70 y). RESULTS The volume of bilateral caudate nucleus and putamen in healthy adults was (8.42 +/-0.88) cm(3)(More)
In this paper the authors study the hyperbolic geometric flow on Riemann surfaces. This new nonlinear geometric evolution equation was recently introduced by the first two authors motivated by Einstein equation and Hamilton’s Ricci flow. We prove that, for any given initial metric on R in certain class of metrics, one can always choose suitable initial(More)
In this paper we introduce the hyperbolic mean curvature flow and prove that the corresponding system of partial differential equations are strictly hyperbolic, and based on this, we show that this flow admits a unique short-time smooth solution and possesses the nonlinear stability defined on the Euclidean space with dimension larger than 4. Nonlinear wave(More)
In this paper the author considers the lifespan of classical solutions to Cauchy problem for general rst order quasilinear strictly hyperbolic systems in two independent variables with \slow" decay initial data. By means of constructing an example, the author rst illustrates that the classical solution to this kind of Cauchy problem may blow up in a nite(More)
Radio frequency ablation (RFA) is an effective means of achieving local control of liver cancer. It is a particularly suitable mode of therapy for small and favorably located tumors. However, local progression rates are substantially higher for large tumors (>3.0 cm). In the current study, we report on a mathematical model based on geometric optimization to(More)