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A collection of about 200 actinomycete strains was screened for the ability to grow on fragmented Phytophthora mycelium and to produce metabolites that inhibit Phytophthora growth. Thirteen strains were selected, and all produced (beta)-1,3-, (beta)-1,4-, and (beta)-1,6-glucanases. These enzymes could hydrolyze glucans from Phytophthora cell walls and cause(More)
Analysis of response patterns of LGN cells. Quantitative analysis of a population of cells in macaque LGN provides evidence for four types of spectrally opponent cells, and two types of non-opponent cells. Non-opponent cell responses agree quantitatively with behavioral measures of luminosity; spectrally opponent cells account for the perception of(More)
motion, both the orientation and the axis of motion were different by 908 between the subtracted stimuli. For example, the response to a texture with 458 oriented bars moving horizontally was subtracted from the response to a texture with 1358 oriented bars moving vertically. Results obtained with difference imaging were verified with single-condition(More)
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