De-Quan Zheng

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In this paper, we described dynamic evolution of network information, as well as identify and analysis the document collection on the same topic in different stages. Dynamic summarization considers the different documents’ temporal relationship in multi-document and analyzes the relationship between emerged information and emerging information. In order to(More)
Ontology is a method of expressing knowledge. Now the research on the automatic ontology construction has become very popular. In this paper, we introduce the principles of ontology construction, as well as the several methods of automatic construction and particularly analyze their characteristics. Finally, the ontology in military intelligence is(More)
With the rapid expansion of network application, more and more customer reviews are available on-line. In this paper, A method for opinion analysis based on the fusion of multiple classifiers was presented, reliability function was introduced to select the text that is hard to determine by the main classifier, for these texts, multiple classifiers were used(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the therapeutic effect and safety of Longjintonglin Capsule in the treatment of type III prostatitis (chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome, CP/CPPS). METHOD We selected 240 patients with type III prostatitis according to the diagnostic standards of the American National Institute of Health (NIH) and treated them with(More)
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