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Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is the one of the most common malignancies worldwide and its prognosis is extremely poor. Tripartite motif (TRIM) proteins play crucial roles in cancer cell biology but the function of tripartite motif 26 (TRIM26) has not been investigated. We demonstrated that low expression level of TRIM26 in tumor samples was significantly(More)
Giaridia lamblia was long considered to be one of the most primitive eukaryotes and to lie close to the transition between prokaryotes and eukaryotes, but several supporting features, such as lack of mitochondrion and Golgi, have been challenged recently. It was also reported previously that G. lamblia lacked nucleolus, which is the site of pre-rRNA(More)
Assessment of the sentinel lymph node (SLN) in patients with early stage breast cancer is vital in selecting the appropriate surgical approach. However, the existing methods, including methylene blue and nuclides, possess low efficiency and effectiveness in mapping SLNs, and to a certain extent exert side effects during application. Indocyanine green (ICG),(More)
BACKGROUND microRNAs (miRNAs) play a critical role in tumorigenesis, either as a tumor suppressor or as an oncogenic miRNA, depending on different tumor types. To date, scientists have obtained a substantial amount of knowledge with regard to miRNAs in pancreatic cancer. However, the expression and function of miR-371-5p in pancreatic cancer has not been(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS In this study, we investigated the role of salt-inducible kinase 1 (SIK1) and its possible mechanisms in human hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). METHODS Immunoprecipitation, immunohistochemistry, luciferase reporter, Chromatin immunoprecipitation, in vitro kinase assays and a mouse model were used to examine the role of SIK1 on the(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the molecular mechanism of the inhibitory effect of curcumine on the migration and invasion of hepatic stellate cells (HSC). METHODS Rat hepatic stellate cells were cultured and activated with ConA. Matrix metalloproteinase-2 (MMP-2) expression and activity was determined by Western blot and gelatin zymography. Migration and(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the synergistic protective effect of co-transplanted testicular cells expressing FasL and CsA on survival of islet allografts. METHODS The allogeneic islets and testicular cells were co-transplanted into the renal subcapsular space of the diabetic recipients with or without CsA after operation. Allografts survival period and the(More)
Several studies have identified miR-223 critically involved in various types of cancer, including pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC). However, its action and regulatory mechanisms in PDAC remains largely unclear. In this study, we found that the expression levels of miR-223 were increased in clinical samples with PDAC (81.6%). The upregulation of(More)
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