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In this panel contribution, the modeling of wind turbines in power systems dynamics simulations is discussed. First the three most important actual wind turbine concepts are described. Then, various classes of wind turbine models are introduced and it will be discussed which model type can be integrated in power system dynamics simulation software. To(More)
1 CHAPTER General introduction 3 Anxiety and depressive disorders: the most common mental disorders in general practice It is estimated that the most prevalent mental disorders in Europe are anxiety disorders (12 month prevalence 14%, in the Netherlands 10.1%) followed by depres-sive disorders (6.9%, in the Netherlands 5.2%) (1,2). The burden of these(More)
  • Euphytica
  • 2004
2 March 1902 Born at the family farm, Hellum, Groningen 1924 Doctorandus of Biology after successfully passing the final examinations at the State University of Groningen 1931 Doctor of Mathematics and Physics. Doctor’s thesis: ‘Contributions to the genetics of Pisum’ 1924-1935 Co-worker of Prof. T. Tammes at the Institute of Genetics, State University,(More)
In this study, we determined in vivo interactions between hemopol etic growth factors and etoposide (VP-16) to assess whether normal blood cell production could be maintained during chemotherapy If hemopoletic growth factors were simultaneously administered. effects of the different treatments on colony-forming units-erythroid, reticulocytes, hematocrit,(More)
We present meta-analyses of the published literature on recall and recognition memory performance in patients with schizophrenia compared with normal controls. Tests of categorical models were used in analyses of potential moderators (clinical variables and study characteristics). Our findings (integrating the results of 70 studies) reveal a significant and(More)