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Portschinskia magnifica Pleske, 1926, is an endangered subcutaneous parasitic fly of voles that mimics bumblebees in appearance. Although the importance of antennae in Diptera has been repeatedly stressed, there is still a lack of morphology information of this group, let alone this species. Antennae of adult P. magnifica were studied with a stereoscopic(More)
Restricted space and close contact with conspecifics in captivity may be stressful for musk deer, as they are highly territorial and solitary in the wild. So we tested the effects of crowding on stress of forest musk deer (Moschus berezovskii) in heterosexual groups, using fecal cortisol analysis as a non-invasive method. 32 healthy adults during(More)
Oviposition site selection is an important aspect of the behavioural ecology of insects. A comparison of the habitats used by a species enhances our understanding of their adaptation to altered environments. We collected data on the oviposition behaviours of Gasterophilus pecorum (Diptera: Gasterophilidae) in its habitat in Kalamaili Nature Reserve (KNR),(More)
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