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Recently, a remote-sensing platform based on wireless interconnection of tiny ECG sensors called telecardiology sensor networks (TSN) provided a promising approach to perform low-cost real-time cardiac patient monitoring at any time in community areas (such as elder nursing homes or hospitals). The contribution of this research is the design of a practical(More)
This paper studies the location management problem in PCS network. An adaptive direction-based location update (ADBU) scheme is proposed in which a line-paging method is adopted to minimize the paging cost and an adaptive direction-based scheme is formulated for location update generation. Mobile terminals inspect their directions and a location update will(More)
Vehicle routing problems (VRP) emerge in large numbers within the real-world transportation and logistics applications. Vehicle routing problem with time windows (VRPTW) is an NP-hard problem. A mathematical model is built up with the objective of minimum route distances based on the analysis. A hybrid intelligent algorithm based on the max-min ant colony(More)
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