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Effects of porosity and clay content on wave velocities in sandstones
The ultrasonic compressional (Vp) and shear (Vs) velocities and first‐arrival peak amplitude (Ap) were measured as functions of differential pressure to 50 MPa and to a state of saturation on 75Expand
Fluid mobility and frequency-dependent seismic velocity — Direct measurements
The influence of fluid mobility on seismic velocity dispersion is directly observed in laboratory measurements from seismic to ultrasonic frequencies. A forceddeformation system is used inExpand
Empirical relationships among seismic velocity, effective pressure, porosity, and clay content in sandstone
We use a multivariate analysis to investigate the influence of effective pressure Pe, porosity ϕ, and clay content C on the compressional velocity Vp and shear velocity Vs of sandstones. LaboratoryExpand
The effect of pore fluid on the stress-dependent elastic wave velocities in sandstones
Summary Elastic wave velocities in sandstones vary with stress due to the presence of discontinuities such as grain boundaries and microcracks within the rock. The effect of any discontinuities onExpand
Crystallite size effect on saturation magnetization of fine ferrimagnetic particles
Fine equiaxed γ-CoxFe2-xO3 (x=0, 0.06) particles with diameters of 200–1000 A were prepared by chemical precipitation. The average crystallite sizes of the particles were determined from X-ray lineExpand
Gassmann's equation and fluid‐saturation effects on seismic velocities
Gassmann’s (1951) equations commonly are used to predict velocity changes resulting from different porefluid saturations. However, the input parameters are often crudely estimated, and the resultingExpand
Heavy oils—seismic properties
Heavy-oil seismic properties are strongly dependent on composition and temperature. In biodegraded oils, straight chain alkanes are destroyed and complex heavy compounds dominate. As a result, theExpand
Quantitative geophysical pore-type characterization and its geological implication in carbonate reservoirs
This paper discusses and addresses two questions in carbonate reservoir characteriza- tion: how to characterize pore-type distribution quantitatively from well observations and seismic data based onExpand
Fluids and frequency dependent seismic velocity of rocks
Summary Compressional and shear velocities of rocks are dependent on frequency and this dispersion may be significant even within the seismic band. The amount and position of dispersion will beExpand
Velocity of Heavy Oil Sand
Several sand samples from shallow heavy oil reservoirs in Alberta, Canada were measured. The samples are loose sands held together by heavy oil from depths between 380 and 500 meters. There is noExpand