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The rise of cloud computing is radically changing the way enterprises manage their information technology (IT) assets. Considering the benefits of cloud computing to the information technology sector, we present a review of current research initiatives and applications of the cloud computing paradigm related to product design and manufacturing. In(More)
Cloud Manufacturing (CM) refers to a customer-centric manufacturing model that exploits on-demand access to a shared collection of diversified and distributed manufacturing resources to form temporary, reconfigurable production lines which enhance efficiency, reduce product lifecycle costs, and allow for optimal resource loading in response to(More)
Cloud-based design manufacturing (CBDM) refers to a service-oriented networked product development model in which service consumers are enabled to configure, select, and utilize customized product realization resources and services ranging from computer-aided engineering software to reconfigurable manufacturing systems. An ongoing debate on CBDM in the(More)
Satisfying diverse customer needs leads to proliferation of product variants. It is imperative to model the coherence of functional, product and process varieties throughout the design chain. Based on a model-based systems engineering approach, this paper applies the Systems Modeling Language (SysML) to model design chain information. To support variety(More)
A Cloud-Based Design and Manufacturing (CBDM) System refers to an information and communication technology (ICT) system that facilitates design and manufacturing knowledge sharing between actors (e.g., CBDM service providers and consumers) in the distributed and collaborative socio-technical network. The aim of this study is to address the challenge of(More)
Creating the U Disk's startup disk based on Linux is practical for the system maintenance and the development personnel. People only need to carry a USB device and then will be able to have an operating system that belongs to them anytime and anywhere. This paper focuses on the design of U Disk autorun based on Linux. It includes four functional modules of(More)