Dazhe Zhao

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Class imbalance is one of the challenging problems for machine learning in many real-world applications. Cost-sensitive learning has attracted significant attention in recent years to solve the problem, but it is difficult to determine the precise misclassification costs in practice. There are also other factors that influence the performance of the(More)
Class imbalance is one of the challenging problems for machine learning in many real-world applications. Other issues, such as within-class imbalance and high dimensionality, can exacerbate the problem. We propose a method HPS-DRS that combines two ideas: Hybrid Probabilistic Sampling technique ensemble with Diverse Random Subspace to address these issues.(More)
Multi-channel communication in a Wireless Mesh Network with routers having multiple radio interfaces significantly enhances the network capacity. Efficient channel assignment is critical for realization of optimal throughput in such networks. In this paper, we investigate the problem of finding the largest number of links that can be connected with the(More)
We propose a novel two-layer level set approach for segmentation of the left ventricle (LV) from cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) short-axis images. In our method, endocardium and epicardium are represented by two specified level contours of a level set function. Segmentation of the LV is formulated as a problem of optimizing the level set function such(More)
Learning from imbalanced data is an important and common problem. Many methods have been proposed to address and attempt to solve the problem, including sampling and cost-sensitive learning. This paper presents an effective wrapper approach incorporating the evaluation measure directly into the objective function of cost-sensitive neural network to improve(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The widespread propagation of synchronized neuronal firing in seizure disorders may affect cortical and subcortical brain regions. Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) can noninvasively quantify white matter integrity. The purpose of this study was to investigate the abnormal changes of white matter in children and adolescents with focal(More)