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We report a novel GaN heterojunction field-effect transistor device that incorporates vertically scaled epilayers, a nanoscale gate with integrated staircase-shaped field plates, and regrown ohmic contacts. This device technology has an unprecedented combination of high breakdown (176 V), low ON-resistance (1.2 Ωmm), enhancement-mode operation(More)
We report MMIC traveling-wave amplifiers (TWAs) fabricated using a 40 nm GaN double heterostructure FET (DHFET) technology. By varying the gate periphery within cascode gain stages, we produced a family of TWA designs with a range of gain and bandwidth and approximately 300 GHz gain- bandwidth product. The TWA with the widest bandwidth had >120 GHz of(More)
We report the first generation of GaN MMIC circuits that are based on the latest generation of (ft > 320 GHz and fmax > 580 GHz) [1] GaN Transistors. The reported broadband Ka-band (27 GHz - 40 GHz) GaN LNA MMIC's have Noise Figure (NF) as low as 1 dB measured at a frequency of 37 GHz, NF <; 2 dB with >24dB of gain across 28 GHz- 39.2 GHz(More)
High-performing GaN MMICs that can cover broadband applications at W and D-Band have been fabricated and tested. A five stage 60–105 GHz LNA has >23 dB of gain across the band and a six stage D-Band LNA has 25 dB of gain from 110–170 GHz. A double balanced resistive FET mixer has −11 to −15 dB of conversion loss from(More)
We provide an overview of key challenges and technical breakthroughs that led to development of highly scaled GaN HEMT's having ft > 400 GHz and fmax > 550 GHz and the corresponding IC process. These highly scaled GaN devices have 5 times higher breakdown voltage than transistors with similar high frequency RF power gain in other semiconductor(More)
We report the state-of-the-art <inline-formula> <tex-math notation="LaTeX">$V$ </tex-math></inline-formula>-band power performance of a scaled 40-nm gate length Al<sub>0.23</sub>Ga<sub>0.77</sub>N/AlN/GaN/Al<sub>0.08</sub>Ga<sub>0.92</sub>N double heterojunction field effect transistor (DHFET). The <inline-formula> <tex-math notation="LaTeX">$200~\mu(More)
HRL&#x2019;s T3 GaN MMIC technology is evaluated using dc reliability experiments, including a voltage step-stress test, a temperature step-stress test, and a 3-temperature life test. The drain voltage step-stress test revealed three distinct regions of operation through gate leakage characteristic changes: burn-in stabilization up to 5 V, followed by(More)
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