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We search for the decay B ? ! ? in a sample of over 2 million charged B decays using the CLEO detector. We use the channel in which the tau decays leptonically, and combine this lepton with the missing energy and momentum in the event to form a B candidate. A t to the mass and energy distribution of these B candidates yields ?14 46 signal events. This value(More)
We have used the CLEO-II detector at the Cornell Electron Storage Ring to study the inclusive production of charmonium mesons in a sample of 2.15 million BB events. We nd inclusive branching fractions of ( for B!J==X, (0.340.040.03)% for B! 0 X, and (0.400.060.04)% for B! c1 X. We also nd some evidence for the inclusive production of c2. An(More)
We have studied semileptonic B meson decays with a P-wave charm meson in the nal state using 3:29 10 6 B B events collected by the CLEO II detector at the Cornell Electron-positron Storage Ring. We nd a value for the exclusive semileptonic product branching fraction: These results indicate that at least 20% of the total B ? semileptonic rate is un-accounted(More)