Dayse Tavora-Vieira

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The programming of CIs is essential for good performance. However, no Good Clinical Practice guidelines exist. This paper reports on the results of an inventory of the current practice worldwide. A questionnaire was distributed to 47 CI centers. They follow 47600 recipients in 17 countries and 5 continents. The results were discussed during a debate.(More)
OBJECTIVES To present the preliminary experiences and findings from a pilot study evaluating a novel technique for monitoring cochlear electrophysiological function during electrode insertion in cochlear implantation surgery. STUDY DESIGN Prospective pilot cohort study. SETTING Tertiary academic neuro-otology center. PATIENTS Pediatric patients with(More)
OBJECTIVE Vibroplasty has offered a new modality of hearing rehabilitation in patients with mixed, conductive, and sensorineural hearing loss who cannot wear hearing aids. Potentially, the positioning of the floating mass transducer (FMT) in vibroplasty surgery has a critical effect on hearing outputs. In this study, the impact on hearing outputs and(More)
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