Dayra Alvarez

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An entomologic search was carried out to collect intradomicile triatomines in dwellings from rural communities in the western border of the Panama Canal, Panama. Sixty-nine triatomines were collected inside 20 houses of 67 houses investigated. Rhodnius pallescens was the only triatomine species found and included adults of both sexes and nymphs. A(More)
The sylvatic triatomine Rhodnius pallescens is considered to be the most important and widespread vector of Trypanosoma cruzi and Trypanosoma rangeli in Panama. However, its behavior and biological characteristics have only been partially investigated. Thus, to achieve sustainable and efficient control over Chagas disease in Panama, a better understanding(More)
Colonies ofTrichophyton ajelloi, geophilic dermatophyte that was here obtained for the first time as a dermatophytosis etiological agent, was isolated from a lesion fixed in the upper zone of the left cheek bone in the face of a six years old girl. De lesión localizada en cara, zona superior de pómulo izquierdo, se aisla en una paciente de 6 años, colonias(More)
OBJECTIVES Due to the increase in isolation of Candida spp. in critically ill patients, and the high mortality and economic costs which this infection entails, a study was made of the risk factors associated to candidemia in critically ill patients from 7 intensive care units in Colombia. MATERIALS AND METHODS A multicenter matched case-control study was(More)
BACKGROUND It is a very well-known fact the relationship between pregnancy with history of fetal losses and positive aCL, and many treatments have been tried in order to prevent it. We present a study about the treatment of these pregnant women with ASA at low doses. PATIENTS AND METHODS We have followed-up a group of 28 women with previous abortions and(More)