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Breast cancer is becoming a leading cause of death among women in the whole world, meanwhile, it is confirmed that the early detection and accurate diagnosis of this disease can ensure a long survival of the patients. Expert systems and machine learning techniques are gaining popularity in this field because of the effective classification and high(More)
Despite its many practical benefits, mobile agent technology results in significant new security threats from both malicious agents and hosts. This paper investigates the problems and approaches of mobile agent system, which shows that bi-directional and layered security model may be a good idea to resolve the security problems in mobile agent systems.(More)
There are many multi-type relational datasets, the objects in which are multi-type and interrelated. Many clustering methods for this kind of data have been proposed, but because of the complexity of data and relationships, most algorithms have efficiency and scalability problem. To address this difficulty, in this paper a two-stage clustering algorithm for(More)
The essence of Grid Computing is to provide efficient Resource on Demand (RoD). This paper addresses this challenge from the perspective of network, the living platform of Grid, by providing effective Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms (both IntServ and DiffServ) inside the Grid networking environment. Specifically, the efficiency of this QoS mechanism is(More)
Network communities refer to groups of network nodes, within which the links connecting nodes are dense but between which they are sparse. A network community mining problem (NCMP for short) can be stated as the problem of finding all such communities from a given network. A large variety of problems can be translated into NCMPs, ranging from graph(More)
Recently, the sizes of networks are always very huge, and they take on distributed nature. Aiming at this kind of network clustering problem, in the sight of local view, this paper proposes a fast network clustering algorithm in which each node is regarded as an agent, and each agent tries to maximize its local function in order to optimize network(More)