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This work embodies the overspeed protection and safe headway control into an iterative learning control (ILC) based train trajectory tracking algorithm to satisfy the high safety requirement of high-speed railways. First, a D-type ILC scheme with overspeed protection is proposed. Then, a corresponding coordinated ILC scheme with multiple trains is studied(More)
SRS is a European research project for building robust personal assistant robots using ROS (Robotic Operating System) and Care-O-bot (COB) 3 as the initial demonstration platform. In this paper, experience gained while building the SRS system is presented. A main contribution of the paper is the SRS autonomous control framework. The framework is divided(More)
Sentiment analysis has become the heart of social media research and many studies have been applied to obtain users' opinion in fields such as electronic commerce and trade, management and also regarding political figures. Social media has recently become a rich resource in mining user sentiments. Social opinion has been analysed using sentiment analysis(More)
As a class of high-performance forward error correction codes, turbo codes, which can approach the channel capacity, could become a candidate of the coding methods in future terrestrial broadcasting (TB) systems. Among all the demands of future TB system, high throughput and low latency are two basic requirements that need to be met. Parallel turbo decoding(More)
Automated task planning for service robots faces great challenges in handling dynamic domestic environments. Classical methods in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) area mostly focus on relatively structured environments with fewer uncertainties. This work proposes a method to combine semantic knowledge representation with classical approaches in AI to build(More)
This paper presents a multi-dimensional fuzzy interpolation neural network (FINN) which extends fuzzy interpolation that was developed to approximate single input single output functions to multi-dimensional space. The multidimensional fuzzy interpolation piecewise approximates multiple-input-single-output functions with small hyper-surfaces defined over(More)
This paper presents a method of phase-shift control in two-beam laser interference lithography. In the method, a PZT actuator is used to push a mirror and introduce phase shifts in a He-Ne laser interference lithography simulation system. When different voltages are applied to the PZT actuator, fringe positions are changed accordingly, and the phase shifts(More)
This paper presents a survey of the current approaches of sit-to-stand assistive chairs. Sitting in a chair and standing up from a seated position are common activities performed by humans on a daily basis. However, older people often encounter difficulties with these activities. The difficulties may cause substantial decreasing of the elderly mobility,(More)
Robotic nanoassembly is an emerging field that deals with the controlled manipulation, handling and assembly of atoms, molecules and nano objects by robots for manufacturing of nano structures, devices and systems. Nanoassembly is expected to have revolutionary applications in almost all the scientific and technological areas. This paper presents a general(More)