Dayong Gao

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This paper outlines a new method for measuring multilayer tissue conductivity and structure by using divided electrodes, in which current electrodes are divided into several parts. Our purpose is to estimate the multilayer tissue structure and the conductivity distribution in a cross section of the local tissue by using bioresistance data measured(More)
BACKGROUND Functional analysis of mononuclear leukocytes in the female genital mucosa is essential for understanding the immunologic effects of HIV vaccines and microbicides at the site of HIV exposure. However, the best female genital tract sampling technique is unclear. METHODS AND FINDINGS We enrolled women from four sites in Africa and the US to(More)
Water permeability of the plasma membrane plays an important role in making optimal cryopreservation protocols for different types of cells. To quantify water permeability effectively, automated cell volume segmentation during freezing is necessary. Unfortunately, there exists so far no efficient and accurate segmentation method to handle this kind of image(More)
This paper presents a diagnostic system for cardiac arrhythmias from ECG data, using an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) classifier based on a Bayesian framework. The Bayesian ANN Classifier is built by the use of a logistic regression model and the back propagation algorithm. A dual threshold method is applied to determine the diagnosis strategy and(More)
Cryopreservation of specimens taken from the genital tract of women is important for studying mucosal immunity during HIV prevention trials. However, it is unclear whether the current, empirically developed cryopreservation procedures for peripheral blood cells are also ideal for genital specimens. The optimal cryopreservation protocol depends on the(More)
BACKGROUND In the cryopreservation of blood, removing cryoprotectants from the cryopreserved blood safely and effectively is always being focused on. In our previous work, a dilution-filtration system was proposed to achieve the efficient clearance of cryoprotectants from the cryopreserved blood. METHOD In this study, a theoretical method is presented to(More)
Transfer function design is a key issue in direct volume rendering. Many sophisticated transfer functions have been proposed to visualize boundaries in volumetric data sets such as computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. However, it is still conventionally challenging to reliably detect boundaries. Meanwhile, the interactive strategy is(More)