Dayna Soares

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1 Abstract We generate extensions of Q with Galois group SL 3 (F 2) giving rise to three-dimensional mod 2 Galois representations with sufficiently low level to allow the computational testing of a conjecture of Ash, Doud, Pollack, and Sinnott relating such representations to mod 2 arithmetic cohomology. We test the conjecture for these examples and offer a(More)
  • Marcelo D S De Meneses, Sharon D Da Cunha, D J B Soares, L R Da Silva
  • 2006
We introduce a model which consists in a planar network which grows by adding nodes at a distance r from the pre-existing barycenter. Each new node position is randomly located through the distribution law P (r) ∝ 1/r γ with γ > 1. The new node j is linked to only one pre-existing node according to the probability law P (i ↔ j) ∝ ηiki/r α A ij (1 ≤ i < j;(More)
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