Dayashankar Singh

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In this paper, we have applied a new feature extraction technique to calculate only twelve directional feature inputs depending upon the gradients. Features extracted from handwritten characters are directions of pixels with respect to their neighboring pixels. These inputs are given to a back propagation neural network with one hidden layer and one output(More)
Neural Networks are being used for character recognition from last many years but most of the works were reported to English character recognition. Character recognition is one of the applications of pattern recognition, which has enormous scientific and practical interest. Many scientific efforts have been dedicated to pattern recognition problems and much(More)
Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs) are prone to a variety of attacks due to their unique characteristics like dynamic topology, open wireless medium, absence of infrastructure, multi hop nature and resource constraints. A node in MANET acts not only as an end terminal but both as router and client. In this way, multi-hop communication occurs in MANETs and thus(More)
The Request-to-Send and Clear-to-Send (RTS/CTS) mechanism was introduced to minimize the collisions due to "Hidden Nodes" in wireless networks. It tried well to solve this problem over Carrier Sense Multiple Access (CSMA), but it gave rise to some more problems. These problems are "Exposed Node Problem", "False Blocking Problem" and "Masked Node Problem".(More)
Fingerprint identification system is mainly consisted of fingerprint achieving, fingerprint classification and fingerprint matching. Fingerprint matching is the key to the system and effects on the precision and efficiency of the whole system directly. Fingerprints are matched mainly based on their fingerprint texture pattern which can be described with the(More)
In this paper, we proposed a new disk scheduling algorithm for improving the performance of modern storage devices in terms of throughput. Since the invention of disk with movable heads, many researchers tried to improve the I/O performance by using intelligent algorithms for disk scheduling. Memory capacity and speed of the processor are increasing several(More)
Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET) is an autonomous system of collection of mobile nodes connected by wireless links. Nodes are free to move, frequently change their position and organize themselves into a network. Nodes contain wireless transmitter and receiver that allow them to take part in wireless network. Nodes in MANET having dual behavior, they act as(More)
In this paper, Radial Basis Function (RBF) neural Network has been implemented on eight directional values of gradient features for handwritten Hindi character recognition. The character recognition system was trained by using different samples in different handwritings collected of various people of different age groups. The Radial Basis Function network(More)
  • Lalit Johari, Rahul Mishra, +18 authors Yousuf Khan Afroz
  • 2016
The purpose of this paper is to carry out study on delay minimization techniques of data transmission, which is a major Quality-of-service (QoS) parameter in Mobile ad-hoc network (MANET). Various algorithms that are given in the study of previous investigators have been considered and analyzed and a tabulated summary work has been carried out. Related(More)