Dayane Regina De Garcia Souza

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The discontinuity in rivers caused by the construction of reservoirs disrupts the longitudinal gradient and decreases the natural connectivity of lotic systems. We evaluated the dynamics of Reynolds functional groups (RFGs) in response to the formation of a subtropical reservoir, in relation to the environmental changes between the pre- and post-impoundment(More)
A taxonomic survey was carried out of the genus Eunotia in the Hercílio River, state of Santa Catarina, southern Brazil. Trimestral collections were made (April, July and October 2009) at four sampling stations, totaling 12 samples. The survey of the genus Eunotia resulted in the identification of 30 taxa, four of which were determined at generic level. Ten(More)
This study compared the color fidelity of different composite resins with their registration in the Vita Classical Shade Guide. Using a prefabricated Teflon mold, 120 specimens were divided into four groups (n = 30), according to the resin tested. Three subgroups (n = 10) were prepared for each resin group; these subgroups tested enamel shade, dentin shade,(More)
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