Dayalan Vishal

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Intrusion detection system (IDS) is one of the emerging techniques for information security. Security mechanisms for an information system should be designed to prevent unauthorized access of system resources and data. Many intelligent learning techniques of machine learning are applied to the large volumes of data for the construction of an efficient(More)
This paper presents the Finite element analysis (FEA), Multi-body dynamics (MBD) simulation and gait pattern analysis of a bio-inspired quadruped robot. A novel power transmission mechanism with varying gear train centre distance has been designed for generating different gait structures to suit unstructured terrain. The adjustable length of the lower link(More)
Wide range of applications and numerous other complexities involved in character recognition makes it a continuous and open area of research. Optical Character Recognition is a very important task in Pattern Recognition.Recently Indian Handwritten character recognition is getting much more interest and researchers are contributing a lot in this field.(More)
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