Daxing Qian

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This paper presents a robust transmission strategy for wavelet based scalable bit stream over packet erasure channel. By taking the advantage of the bit plane coding and the multiple description coding, the proposed strategy adopts layered multiple description coding (LMDC) for the embedded wavelet coders to improve the error resistant capability of the(More)
The bit stream extraction plays an important role in Scalable Video Coding (SVC). The video content is an important factor for video coding efficiency but it is ignored in current video coding methods. Therefore, in this paper, we proposed an equivalent MSE method to extract sub streams in the temporal and spatial enhancement layers. When the Motion Vectors(More)
In this paper, we focus on the models that the coding time and efficiency affected by GOPsize, and then find that large GOPsize will usually bring the more coding time and less coding efficiency, and vice verse. We analyze the reason which resulting in the above circumstances and propose two models: coding efficiency and time. Their maximum errors are less(More)
Intra prediction plays an important role in H.264/AVC. The mode fast decision is a significant factor for video coding efficiency in current video coding standard. Therefore, in this paper, the authors propose a method with equivalent Mean Square Error (Eq-MSE) to choose the prediction mode quickly to save coding resource. According to the frame texture(More)
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