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The type of radio-frequency (RF) coil known as a high-pass birdcage consists of a set of N; wires arranged axially on the surface of a cylinder and connected by capacitors at each end. Such coils are widely used for NMR imaging because of the high degree of field homogeneity they provide. It is shown how to create homogeneous fields at two frequencies,(More)
The Monte Carlo simulation method is used to determine the uncertainties of the estimated are and mean transit time (MTT) of a regional cerebral concentration-time curve of a bolus injected paramagnetic contrast agent. Many factors contribute to these uncertainties. This study concentrates on the error propagation from the sample noise at different sample(More)
Physicochemical properties of wheat grains with largest kernel thickness always was lowest than the other sections, examination of microstructure of wheat grains can help us understand this phenomena. Two varieties of wheat, soft white winter wheat Yangmai 11 and hard white winter wheat Zhengmai 9023, were fractionated into five sections by kernel(More)
A technique is presented to increase the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in two-dimensional (2D), phase-encoded imaging at low SNR. The essence of this technique is to combine multiple echoes in the time domain. As analyzed in the paper, phase discrepancies exist among different echoes and may deteriorate the combined echo. In particular, extraneous phase(More)
A technique was developed to change the resonant frequency of a rotating field birdcage coil from 19F resonance (76.14 MHz) to 1H resonance (80.92 MHz). This was done by inserting an additional shield with a smaller radius on the coil which resonates at 19F. It was shown that the inhomogeneity introduced by reducing the shield radius is not significant. A(More)
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