Dawna Mills

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A series of 73 postlinguistically deafened adults and 34 prelinguistically deafened children were evaluated with the Spectral Peak (SPEAK) coding strategy of the Nucleus 22-channel cochlear implant. The adults who received consecutive implants demonstrated rapid acquisition of open-set speech recognition skills in the initial postoperative period. Group(More)
OBJECTIVE This study consisted of a within-subjects comparison of speech recognition and patient preference when subjects used two different cochlear implant speech processing strategies with a Clarion 1.2 (enhanced bipolar) device: Simultaneous Analog Stimulation (SAS), and Continuous Interleaved Sampling (CIS). These two strategies used two different(More)
Our objective was to prospectively evaluate implementation of a new cochlear implant (CI) mapping technique, image-guided cochlear implant programming (IGCIP), at a site distant to the site of development. IGCIP consists of identifying the geometric relationship between CI electrodes and the modiolus and deactivating electrodes that interfere with(More)
Cross-sectional studies indicate that mean total astigmatism changes with age; varying from as much as 0.62 D with-the-rule during youth to as much as 0.37 D against-the-rule in samples of elderly patients. The present study involves the examination of adult patients who were seen regularly for a period of at least 40 years. Data are analyzed to determine(More)
The time course of response to initiation and withdrawal of treatment with terbutaline (5 mg orally, three times daily) was examined in eight normal subjects and 14 asthmatic patients. The various indices of response, examined simultaneously, yielded divergent estimates of the duration of drug action and the development of tolerance during continuous(More)
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