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The Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) has an instrument package capable of making measurements of past and present environmental conditions. The data generated may tell us if Mars is, or ever was, able to support life. However, the knowledge of Mars' past history and the geological processes most likely to preserve a record of that history remain sparse and, in(More)
To advance research and improve the scientific return on data collection and interpretation efforts in the geosciences, we have developed methods of interactive visualization, with a special focus on immersive virtual reality (VR) environments. Earth sciences employ a strongly visual approach to the measurement and analysis of geologic data due to the(More)
We describe visualization software, Visualizer, that was developed specifically for interactive, visual exploration in immersive virtual reality (VR) environments. Vi-sualizer uses carefully optimized algorithms and data structures to support the high frame rates required for immersion and the real-time feedback required for interac-tivity. As an(More)
Authigenic aragonite preserves a carbon isotopic record of heterotrophic microbial influences on dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) in microenvironments within shallow sub-tidal stromatolites from Highborne Cay, Bahamas. A greater amount of aragonite precipitates when and where respiration, rather than photosynthesis, influences local DIC, which is consistent(More)
Processing images of underwater environments of Antarctic lakes is challenging due to poor lighting conditions, low saturation and noise. This paper presents a novel pipeline for dense point cloud scene reconstruction from underwater stereo images and video obtained with low-cost consumer recording hardware. Features in stereo frames are selected and(More)
Lake Vanda is a perennially ice-covered, closed-basin lake in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica. Laminated photosynthetic microbial mats cover the floor of the lake from below the ice cover to >40 m depth. In recent decades, the water level of Lake Vanda has been rising, creating a "natural experiment" on development of mat communities on newly flooded(More)
  • Allan H. Treiman, David L. Bish, David T. Vaniman, Steve J. Chipera, David F. Blake, Doug W. Ming +28 others
  • 2016
The Windjana drill sample, a sandstone of the Dillinger member (Kimberley formation, Gale Crater, Mars), was analyzed by CheMin X-ray diffraction (XRD) in the MSL Curiosity rover. From Rietveld refinements of its XRD pattern, Windjana contains the following: sanidine (21% weight, ~Or 95); augite (20%); magnetite (12%); pigeonite; olivine; plagioclase;(More)
Understanding the collapse of natural and social systems is a key artistic and scientific endeavor. By collaborating on a multimedia dance-theatre production , we contributed individual approaches, techniques, and insights to a performance that captured both cultural and scientific aspects of collapse in an aesthetically meaningful way. The multimedia(More)
Dream Vortex is a virtual art installation with interactive 3D objects, developed for a CAVE, Oculus Rift, or 3D monitor by artist Meredith Tromble and scientist Dawn Sumner. The central structure is an interactive vortex of hand-drawn dream images that appear in 3D space before the viewer, accompanied by a sound environment. A viewer interacts with the(More)
Microbialites can have complex morphologies that preserve clues to ancient microbial ecology. However, extracting and interpreting these clues is challenging due to both the complexity of microbial structures and the difficulties of connecting morphology to microbial processes. Fenestrate microbialites from the 2521±3 Ma Gamohaan Formation, South Africa,(More)
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