Dawn Watson

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OBJECTIVE to determine (i) if the opinions of elderly people, regarding their wish for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), change after staying in hospital, (ii) how much elderly people wish to be involved in making decisions about CPR and (iii) the degree of knowledge they use to make their decisions. DESIGN consecutive sample survey. SETTING(More)
Instruments for evaluating clinical performance of students were developed, tested, and designed for a computer-managed evaluation system for the competency-based dietetic internship program at Emory University, Atlanta. The development, evaluation, and utilization of the instruments are described. The method of development included: (a) analysis of(More)
It is proposed that Agrobacterium radiobacter has priority as the earlier heterotypic (subjective) synonym when it is united with Agrobacterium tumefaciens. The nomenclatural status of A. tumefaciens as a later heterotypic synonym of the united species is not lost and it remains the type species of the genus. Request for an opinion.
Strains now considered to represent the type strain of Arthrobacter ilicis, described as a pathogen of American holly, are not identical. The designated type strain does not represent this pathogen. However, one of the other strains sourced to the type strain of the pathogen does appear to be authentic, but is not a member of A. ilicis. It is proposed that(More)
The emergence of competency-based programs in dietetic education has introduced the need for a systematic method of managing student performance information. A computer-managed instruction system which performs many of the routine clerical tasks usually assumed by instructors is being utilized in Emory University's Dietetic Internship Program. Preliminary(More)