Dawn T Eriksen

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Balancing the flux of a heterologous metabolic pathway by tuning the expression and properties of the pathway enzymes is difficult, but it is critical to realizing the full potential of microbial biotechnology. One prominent example is the metabolic engineering of a Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain harboring a heterologous xylose-utilizing pathway for(More)
REDUCING VIRULENCE: RhlI catalyzes the synthesis of N-butanoyl homoserine lactone (BHL), with a minor product N-hexanoyl homoserine lactone (HHL). By using directed evolution and a genetic screen, RhlI has been engineered for enhanced production of both BHL and HHL at a similar level. Quorum sensing regulates biofilm formation and virulence factor(More)
Design and construction of biochemical pathways has increased the complexity of biosynthetically-produced compounds when compared to single enzyme biocatalysis. However, the coordination of multiple enzymes can introduce a complicated set of obstacles to overcome in order to achieve a high titer and yield of the desired compound. Metabolic engineering has(More)
Quorum sensing is a common mechanism used by bacteria to coordinate population behavior, and is involved in a variety of biological processes, such as bioluminescence, virulence factor synthesis, antibiotic production, and biofilm formation. To engineer the LuxI enzyme of the LuxI-LuxR quorum-sensing system, we developed a high throughput genetic selection(More)
BACKGROUND The optimization of metabolic pathways is critical for efficient and economical production of biofuels and specialty chemicals. One such significant pathway is the cellobiose utilization pathway, identified as a promising route in biomass utilization. Here we describe the optimization of cellobiose consumption and ethanol productivity by(More)
Fatty acid ethyl esters (FAEEs) are a form of biodiesel that can be microbially produced via a transesterification reaction of fatty acids with ethanol. The titer of microbially produced FAEEs can be greatly reduced by unbalanced metabolism and an insufficient supply of fatty acids, resulting in a commercially inviable process. Here, we report on a pathway(More)
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