Dawn Shepard

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Kendall's test was used to analyze the hydro-climatic trends of the Yellow River over the last half century. The results show that: (1) the runoff of the basin has decreased even after allowing for human uses, (2) the watershed has become warmer with a more significant increase in minimum temperature than in mean and maximum temperatures, and (3) no(More)
Structures have been determined of three human rhinovirus 14 (HRV14) compensation mutants that have resistance to the antiviral capsid binding compounds WIN 52035 and WIN 52084. In addition, the structure of HRV14 is reported, with a site-directed mutation at residue 1219 in VP1. A spontaneous mutation occurs at the same site in one of the compensation(More)
Glucosed-phmphate dehydrogenk and oxidant sensitivitv of erythrocytes of three species of Wombats, Comp. A scanning electron microscope study, Cum. (1982). Involvement of glutathione redudase in selenium metabolism and toxicity, studied in isolated rat hepatocytes, Auguste~n, R. C. (1979). On the possible role of glutathione in maintaining human lens(More)
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