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The time course and cellular basis for inflammation-induced hypertrophy of adipose tissue were investigated over 20 weeks in mature male rats. Mild inflammation was induced by subcutaneous injection of 20 microg lipopolysaccharide into one hind-leg three times/week for 4 or 8 weeks, followed by up to 12 weeks 'rest' without intervention. Mean volume and(More)
Two intermuscular adipose depots, the popliteal mass (POP) and the fat under the gluteus superficialis muscle ( GLS ) were studied in guinea-pigs maintained under three different regimes of diet and exercise. Eleven different sites in POP and four sites in GLS were defined using associated muscle and fascia as 'landmarks'. Samples of twenty to twenty-five(More)
Rats were fed from weaning on chow supplemented with suet or sunflower oil (10 % (w/w) each). The appearance of receptors for tumour necrosis factor-alpha on perinodal adipocytes from the popliteal depot following a subcutaneous injection of bacterial lipopolysaccharide was examined. In rats fed on sunflower oil-supplemented chow receptors appeared at a(More)
The effects of dietary lipids on the abundance of dendritic cells in adipose tissue in anatomically defined relationships to chronically inflamed lymph nodes were investigated in mature male rats fed plain chow or chow plus 20 % sunflower-seed or fish oil. The popliteal lymph nodes were stimulated by local subcutaneous injection of 20 microg(More)
To test the hypothesis that chronic immune stimulation of a peripheral lymph node induces the formation of additional mature adipocytes in adjacent adipose tissue, one popliteal lymph node of large male rats was stimulated by local injection of 10 microg or 20 microg lipopolysaccharide three times a week for 6 weeks. Adipocyte volumes in sites defined by(More)
1. The activities per gram of adipose tissue of hexokinase and phosphofructokinase were higher in the centre two intermuscular adipose depots of guinea-pigs than in any of the seven superficial and intra-abdominal depots studied. 2. The capacity for glucose utilization was reduced following about 3 months of regular exercise in all adipose depots studied(More)
BACKGROUND This study explores the role of lymphatics-associated adipocytes in determining the lipid composition of dendritic cells. METHODS AND RESULTS Adult male rats were fed plain chow, or chow supplemented with 20% sunflower or fish oil. Chronic local inflammation was induced by subcutaneous injection of 20 microg lipopolysaccharide three times a(More)
The volume and number of adipocytes were measured in fourteen anatomical sites of adult guinea-pigs kept in small cages and fed ad lib., kept in small cages and on restricted diet or fed ad lib. and exercised. In the sedentary ad lib.-fed animals, there was no significant correlation between percentage body-weight as adipose tissue, as determined by direct(More)
The effects of feeding beef suet (mostly saturated and monoenoic fatty acids), sunflower oil (rich in n-6 fatty acids) and fish oil (rich in n-3 fatty acids) on the response of mesenteric, omental, popliteal and perirenal adipocytes to experimentally-induced local inflammation were studied in adult guinea pigs. After 6 weeks on the experimental diets, the(More)
1. The activity of lipoprotein lipase (LPL) was measured in whole adipose tissue from 9 identified adipose depots of sedentary, fasting adult guinea pigs and following 30 min of exercise or voluntary ingestion of chow, and in adipocyte and stromal-vascular fractions from exercised specimens. 2. In sedentary, fasting specimens, LPL activity was up to 4 times(More)