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The effects of dietary lipids on the abundance of dendritic cells in adipose tissue in anatomically defined relationships to chronically inflamed lymph nodes were investigated in mature male rats fed plain chow or chow plus 20 % sunflower-seed or fish oil. The popliteal lymph nodes were stimulated by local subcutaneous injection of 20 microg(More)
The effects of feeding beef suet (mostly saturated and monoenoic fatty acids), sunflower oil (rich in n-6 fatty acids) and fish oil (rich in n-3 fatty acids) on the response of mesenteric, omental, popliteal and perirenal adipocytes to experimentally-induced local inflammation were studied in adult guinea pigs. After 6 weeks on the experimental diets, the(More)
It is demonstrated that the behavior/morphology interface can be studied in controlled experiments. The normal locomotor behavior of the laboratory mouse (Mus musculus) was modified so that animals were restricted to either a plantigrade, 'non-climbing', control environment or an experimental, suspensory, 'climbing' environment. Distinct scapular correlates(More)
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