Dawn Porter

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Two groups of mAbs reacting with external domains of a major sea urchin sperm membrane glycoprotein of 210 kD were isolated. Previous studies have shown that group I mAbs inhibit the acrosome reaction induced by egg jelly and also cause large increases in intracellular Ca2+ [( Ca2+]i). Group II mAbs, at comparable levels of cell surface binding, neither(More)
To handle the uncertainty inherent in eCommerce transactions, reputation systems have emerged as a way to represent reliability and develop trust between transaction participants. Despite the value added by reputation systems, limitations of existent systems remain (Malaga 2001). We empirically test Porter et al.'s (2004) reputation scoring procedure, which(More)
COMAIENT.-I believe that this is a case of chronic primary intussusception. There is a tendency to regard all cases of this disease as secondary conditions. For instance, the common acute intussusception of infants is said to be secondary to an inflammation of a Peyer's patch. I think that this idea is pure speculation, and I cannot see how an investigator(More)
STREI'TOCOCCAL Inening iti. Is almost in ariably a rapli(lly fatal dlisease. 'his case, in xliich the patienit m-1,ade a satisfactorx recoverx-, is tlhercfore of initerest. 'Ilhe patielt, a. male, ag-cd 'ie xlitc earCl-s, xxwas admitted to ti' i-ne(lical wards of tle Rxoyal Victoria Hospital on 1StiiNo\-x ember, 1-:)'. His mzailn svmptom.s were (1) Almost(More)
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