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Pieces of adult mouse vagina (comprising epithelium and connective tissue), when explanted onto glass coverslips, gave rise to outgrowing sheets of pure epithelium whose cells had ultrastructural features in common with the cells of origin in vivo. Epithelial outgrowths from vaginas of estradiol-primed and nonprimed ovariectomized mice were studied. After(More)
Ultrastructural changes were studied in plastids from mature, partially senescent, senescent, and regreened soybean cotyledons. Tissues were fixed for electron microscopy and also plastoglobuli were isolated from 14-, 16-, and 23-day-old tissues as well as from tissues which had been regreened. In mature tissues, the mesophyll, as compared to the palisade(More)
Analyses were made of chlorophyll a and b and fatty acids (18:3, 18:2, 18:1, 18:0, 16:2, 16:1, and 16:0) of greening and senescing leaf tissue. Those dark-grown tissues given a prior treatment of red, far red, or red followed by far red light showed similar increases in chlorophylls and linolenate (18:3) when exposed to continuous white light. In contrast,(More)
The effect of platelet release products on cytosolic calcium [( Ca++]i) was examined by monitoring the fluorescence of chick embryonic heart cells loaded with the fluorescent calcium indicator indo-1 AM. Cell free filtrate of platelet release products was obtained from rabbit platelets activated with thrombin or collagen. This filtrate caused a rapid(More)