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E-commerce applications cannot dictate the content of databases (DBs) or how the data services are provided. Thus the problem of interoperability arises when accessing existing data stores. A generalized version of this problem is called an impedance mismatch problem that arises when object oriented programs store objects in relational DBs. We describe a(More)
WebTP is a benchmark that measures the performance of a web information subsystem – the Order Management system. Its business logic represents a web Order Management system that facilitates the purchase of goods and services on the Internet. Order Management is an important and integral application of electronic commerce and hence WebTP has applicability to(More)
This work provides a comprehensive customer-focused evaluation framework that businesses can use to assess their electronic customer relationship management (e-CRM) readiness. The framework is intended to provide a big picture of the overall composition of e-CRM, to facilitate gap analysis, and to support a monitoring and feedback process. Knowledge(More)
Concerns for personal information privacy could be produced during information collection, transmission and handling. In information handling, privacy could be compromised from both inside and outside of organizations. Within an organization, private data are generally protected by organizations' privacy policies and the corresponding platforms for privacy(More)