Dawn Goettler Eaker

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Adolescent satisfaction in family rituals and psychosocial development (E. Greenberger & A. B. Sorenson, 1974) were explored in the context of adolescent personality characteristics (International Personality Item Pool, 1999) and family environment characteristics (S. M. Gavazzi, M. J. Reese, & R. M. Sabatelli, 1998; D. H. Olson et al., 1983). Data were(More)
1.beta-Bungarotoxin, crotoxin and taipoxin, presynaptic neurotoxins of snake venom origin, have about the same phospholipid-splitting activities as a much less toxic cobra phospholipase A2 in the presence of Ca2+ and deoxycholate. 2. Sr2+ was a much less effective activator of the enzymes than is Ca2+, the activation by Sr2+ being only 3-6% for(More)
Preparations of 3H-monoacetylated derivatives of Naja naja siamensis neurotoxin siamensis 3 were found to be resistant to degradation and deacetylation during in vitro muscle incubation. A low rate of free 3H-acetate (less than 0.4%) was present in the preparations, but should not interfere with the binding of toxin to cholinergic receptors in mouse(More)
This study examined two aspects of psychodynamic theory concerning bulimia nervosa, that bulimic patients ascribe to a traditionally feminine sex-role and that bulimic women have difficulty differentiating emotional from visceral sensations. 18 bulimic and 18 control women were administered the Bem Sex-role Inventory and the Eating Disorder Inventory.(More)
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