Dawn Goettler Eaker

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Adolescent satisfaction in family rituals and psychosocial development (E. Greenberger & A. B. Sorenson, 1974) were explored in the context of adolescent personality characteristics (International Personality Item Pool, 1999) and family environment characteristics (S. M. Gavazzi, M. J. Reese, & R. M. Sabatelli, 1998; D. H. Olson et al., 1983). Data were(More)
Preparations of 3H-monoacetylated derivatives of Naja naja siamensis neurotoxin siamensis 3 were found to be resistant to degradation and deacetylation during in vitro muscle incubation. A low rate of free 3H-acetate (less than 0.4%) was present in the preparations, but should not interfere with the binding of toxin to cholinergic receptors in mouse(More)
1.beta-Bungarotoxin, crotoxin and taipoxin, presynaptic neurotoxins of snake venom origin, have about the same phospholipid-splitting activities as a much less toxic cobra phospholipase A2 in the presence of Ca2+ and deoxycholate. 2. Sr2+ was a much less effective activator of the enzymes than is Ca2+, the activation by Sr2+ being only 3-6% for(More)
This study examined two aspects of psychodynamic theory concerning bulimia nervosa, that bulimic patients ascribe to a traditionally feminine sex-role and that bulimic women have difficulty differentiating emotional from visceral sensations. 18 bulimic and 18 control women were administered the Bem Sex-role Inventory and the Eating Disorder Inventory.(More)
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