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Two experiments were conducted on the nature of expert perception in the sport of squash. In the first experiment, ten expert and fifteen novice players attempted to predict the direction and force of squash strokes from either a film display (occluded at variable time periods before and after the opposing player had struck the ball) or a matched(More)
The purpose of this study was to develop a brief physical activity interview for older adults (Phone-FITT) and evaluate its test-retest reliability and validity. Summary scores were derived for household, recreational, and total PA. Reliability was evaluated in a convenience sample from a fall-prevention study (N = 43, 79.4 +/- 2.9 years, 51% male), and(More)
BACKGROUND Studies have evaluated the concomitant use of hyaluronan (HA) with steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesic agents in an attempt to magnify the extent and duration of pain relief due to knee osteoarthritis. To date there has not been an intra-articular combination therapy available for relief of knee osteoarthritis symptoms--one that(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the feasibility and efficacy of a six-month, cell phone-based exercise persistence intervention for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) following pulmonary rehabilitation. METHODS Participants who completed a two-week run-in were randomly assigned to either MOBILE-Coached (n = 9) or MOBILE-Self-Monitored (n =(More)
Identifying feasible and effective interventions aimed at mitigating the effects of cognitive decline in older adults is currently a high priority for researchers, clinicians, and policy makers. Evidence suggests that exercise and cognitive training benefit cognitive health in older adults; however, a preferred modality has to be endorsed yet by the(More)
Adequate daily physical activity (PA) is important for maintaining functional capacity and independence in older adults. However, most older adults in Canada do not engage in enough PA to sustain fitness and functional independence. Environmental influences, such as warmer daytime temperatures, may influence PA participation; however, few studies have(More)
This study examined the validity of the StepWatch activity monitor and the optimal number of monitoring days in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). StepWatch activity data were obtained from databases of two studies: one of patients with COPD who participated in a trial of two exercise persistence interventions (n = 17) and a second,(More)
BACKGROUND Dementia is associated with cognitive and functional deficits, and poses a significant personal, societal, and economic burden. Directing interventions towards older adults with self-reported cognitive complaints may provide the greatest impact on dementia incidence and prevalence. Risk factors for cognitive and functional deficits are(More)
BACKGROUND Quaternary Prevention is defined as the action taken to identify patients at risk of overtreatment, to protect them from additional medical treatments, and to suggest interventions that are ethically acceptable. Many countries and organizations have joined in the efforts to practice quaternary prevention. These countries started a campaign called(More)