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The decision to implement an orders-based versus an encounters-based imaging workflow poses various implications to image capture and storage. The impacts include workflows before and after an imaging procedure, electronic health record build, technical infrastructure, analytics, resulting, and revenue. Orders-based workflows tend to favor some imaging(More)
With the advent of digital cameras, there has been an explosion in the number of medical specialties using images to diagnose or document disease and guide interventions. In many specialties, these images are not added to the patient’s electronic medical record and are not distributed so that other providers caring for the patient can view them. As(More)
A peer-review system for monitoring pharmacists' practice in medication-refill clinics is described. Pharmacist practitioners trained in pharmacology, therapeutics, and physical assessment provide services in three medication-refill clinics associated with a 350-bed Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical center. The clinics serve patients who have(More)
Four life-threatening dermatoses-Stevens-Johnson syndrome, toxic epidermal necrolysis, Kaposi's varicelliform eruption and purpura fulminans-are unique in their abrupt onset and rapid progress to death, but prompt diagnosis and proper therapy can often cure the condition or prevent undesirable sequelae. Since two of the four conditions can follow the use of(More)
With the rapidly mounting cost of medical care in hospitals, physicians must seek alternative forms of therapy for illnesses that could conceivably be treated by less confining methods. One appraoch to this problem is the Psoriasis Day Care Center, where psoriasis patients with extensive disease are treated during the day and allowed to return home at(More)
This white paper explores the technical challenges and solutions for acquiring (capturing) and managing enterprise images, particularly those involving visible light applications. The types of acquisition devices used for various general-purpose photography and specialized applications including dermatology, endoscopy, and anatomic pathology are reviewed.(More)