Dawid Wiener

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This article demonstrates how marketing may benefit from neurophysiology. The authors discuss a particular research case concerning the analysis of a skin care product advertisement. Pretests of 2 versions of this TV ad revealed that, although the versions were almost identical, each of them generated significantly different impact. Their influence was(More)
Keywords: Biometric consumer research Frontal asymmetry EEG Advertising Copy testing Brain waves Neuromarketing a b s t r a c t The aim of the study was to identify frontal cortex activation in reaction to TV advertisements. We compared three consecutive creative executions of the world-famous Sony Bravia ads (''Balls " , ''Paints " , and ''Play-Doh "). We(More)
Social cognition is an ability to perceive socially relevant stimuli and to behave accordingly. It is connected with the processing of information brought about by significant social stimuli. Recently, social cognition is a topic of intensive research in psychology, neurosciences and psychiatry. Processes involved in social cognition include: perception of(More)
The aim of the article was to review the hypotheses of schizophrenia in the light of the evolutionary theory. The authors distinguished adaptationist and non-adaptationist hypotheses concerning the evolutionary underpinnings of schizophrenia. The adaptationist hypotheses are firmly based on notions of adaptation, natural selection and proximate and ultimate(More)
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