Dawid Pinkowicz

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A comprehensive study of magnetocaloric effect (MCE) and critical behaviour in the ferrimagnetic Mn2–pyridazine–[Nb(CN)8] molecular magnet under hydrostatic pressure is reported. The pressure-induced structural changes provoke the strengthening of magnetic interaction between Mn and Nb centres. Consequently, an increase of critical temperature Tc is(More)
We have synthesized the octacyanoniobate-based cyano-bridged 3D ferromagnet {[Fe(II)(H(2)O)(2)](2)[Nb(IV)(CN)(8)].4H(2)O}(n) and characterized structurally, spectroscopically (XANES/EXAFS, IR, UV-Vis, Resonance Raman, (57)Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy) and magnetically. crystallizes in the tetragonal system, space group I4/m, a = 11.989(5) A, c = 13.237(5) A, V(More)
The first example of the [Nb(CN)(8)]-based pillared-layered-type framework system {[Mn(II)(2)(bpdo)(H(2)O)(4)][Nb(IV)(CN)(8)]·6H(2)O}(n) (bpdo = 4,4'-bipyridyl-N,N'-dioxide) has been obtained and characterized structurally and magnetically. The presented results provide the first evidence for substantial magnetic anisotropy of [Nb(IV)(CN)(8)].
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