Dawid Nowak

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— Passive Optical Networks (PON) are thought to be the next step in the development of access networks and providing broadband access in the " last mile " area. Ethernet PONs (EPONs) are gaining the most attention from industry as they offer a highly flexible, cost effective solution. In this paper, we present a new approach to the problem of optimal(More)
— Ethernet Passive Optical Networks (EPONs) have attracted considerable attention from industry as they offer a simple, highly flexible and cost effective solution to the problem of providing broadband access to a customer. In this paper, a new approach to bandwidth allocation in EPONs is presented where the Optical Line Terminator (OLT) has full control(More)
Traffic simulation can be very computationally intensive, especially for microscopic simulations of large urban areas (tens of thousands of road segments, hundreds of thousands of agents) and when real-time or better than real-time simulation is required. For instance, running a couple of what-if scenarios for road management authorities/police during a(More)
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