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In this blinded randomized and controlled study, the anthelmintic efficacy of a tablet formula of ivermectin–praziquantel was evaluated in horses experimentally infected with three species of Strongylus larvae. Eighteen previously dewormed horses were inoculated on study day 0 with third-stage larvae of Strongylus vulgaris, Strongylus equinus, and(More)
BACKGROUND Criteria for labelling infant feeds as suitable for the dietary management of cow's milk protein allergy (CMPA) rely on proving the hypoallergenicity of such feeds or clinical studies showing that the feeds are tolerated by 90% of children with proven CMPA. South African (SA) labelling legislation does not indicate what testing is necessary to(More)
The nematode Spirocerca lupi (Rudolphi, 1809) is widely distributed but mostly occurs sporadically with stable populations only in certain geographic areas. This helminth mainly infects dogs and wild canids. Primary pathology relates to migration of third stage larvae (L3) damaging the thoracic aorta and establishment of adults in nodules in the oesophagus.(More)
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