Dawid Gradolewski

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The main obstacle in development of intelligent autodiagnosis medical systems based on the analysis of phonocardiography (PCG) signals is noise. The noise can be caused by digestive and respiration sounds, movements or even signals from the surrounding environment and it is characterized by wide frequency and intensity spectrum. This spectrum overlaps the(More)
Current technologies have become a source of omnipresent electromagnetic pollution from generated electromagnetic fields and resulting electromagnetic radiation. In many cases this pollution is much stronger than any natural sources of electromagnetic fields or radiation. The harm caused by this pollution is still open to question since there is no clear(More)
The future of quick and efficient disease diagnosis lays in the development of reliable non-invasive methods. As for the cardiac diseases - one of the major causes of death around the globe - a concept of an electronic stethoscope equipped with an automatic heart tone identification system appears to be the best solution. Thanks to the advancement in(More)
The electrocardiography examination, due to its accessibility and simplicity, has an important role in diagnostics of the heart ailments. It enables quick detection of various heart defects, undetectable by other kinds of diagnostic tools, so it is very popular. Nevertheless, the measured signal is exposed to a different disturbances. Among them, the(More)
Due to a significant rise in the number of patients diagnosed with diseases of the upper gastrointestinal tract and the high cost of treatment, there is a need to further research on one of the most popular diagnostic tests used in this case - esophageal Multichannel Intraluminal Impedance and pH measurement. This may lead to finding new diagnostically(More)
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