Dawen Yang

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s u m m a r y In the present study, four high-resolution multi-sensor blended precipitation products, TRMM Multisat-ellite Precipitation Analysis (TMPA) research product (3B42 V7) and near real-time product (3B42 RT), Climate Prediction Center MORPHing technique (CMORPH) and Precipitation Estimation from Remotely Sensed Information using Artificial Neural(More)
Keywords: Data assimilation Ensemble Kalman filter Ensemble Square-Root-Filter Flash flood forecast Rainfall–runoff model a b s t r a c t The objective of the study is to evaluate the potential of a data assimilation system for real-time flash flood forecasting over small watersheds by updating model states. To this end, the Ensemble Square-Root-Filter(More)
The Mekong River is the most important river in Southeast Asia. It has increasingly suffered from water-related problems due to economic development, population growth and climate change in the surrounding areas. In this study, we built a distributed Geomorphology-Based Hydrological Model (GBHM) of the Mekong River using remote sensing data and other(More)
The Heihe River is the second largest inland basin in China; runoff in the upper reach greatly affects the socioeconomic development in the downstream area. The relationship between spatial vegetation patterns and catchment hydrological processes in the upper Heihe basin has remained unclear to date. In this study, a distributed ecohydrological model is(More)
Understanding spatiotemporal rainfall patterns in mountainous areas is of great importance for prevention of natural disasters such as flash floods and landslides. There is little knowledge about rainfall variability over historically underobserved complex terrains, however, and especially about the variations of hourly rainfall. In this study, the(More)
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