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This paper presents a folded reflectarray designed for Ka-band satellite communication applications. The array element is a dual-polarized slot antenna with multilayered PCB structure and is designed to operate at 29.5-30.8 GHz band for both transmitting and receiving with single linear polarization. Vias are employed to suppress the surface wave(More)
We have used capillary electrophoresis in the frontal analysis mode (CE-FA) to determine the unbound concentration of clozapine in human serum albumin (HSA), human plasma, rabbit serum and plasma sample. The unbound clozapine concentration was directly measured from the height of the frontal peak. Samples were injected directly into an uncoated fused silica(More)
Mental illness is becoming a major plague in modern societies and poses challenges to the capacity of current public health systems worldwide. With the widespread adoption of social media and mobile devices, and rapid advances in artificial intelligence, a unique opportunity arises for tackling mental health problems. In this study, we investigate how(More)
Rare category detection(RCD) is an important topicin data mining, focusing on identifying the initial examples fromrare classes in imbalanced data sets. This problem becomes more challenging when the data is presented as time-evolving graphs, as used in synthetic ID detection and insider threat detection. Most existing techniques for RCD are designed for(More)
This paper presents a floor cleaning robot equipped with Swedish wheels. It can be used in crowded places such as houses, train station, airport etc. the robot can perform its work in autonomous and teleoperated mode. Moreover the robot can pivot around without turning, can avoid obstacles and is provided with automatic power management ability. And(More)
The aim of this study is to investigate the surface electromyography (sEMG) responses of lower extremity muscles for both healthy people and individuals with trans-femoral amputation (TFA), when slip events occur during level walking. Six male individuals with unilateral TFA and five healthy subjects participated in this study. Each subject was required to(More)
A novel dual-polarised slot type printed antenna with superior high beam scanning performance in a unit cell boundary condition for the folded reflectarray is presented and characterised. This antenna is intended for operation at Ka-band and designed using multi-layer printed circuit board (PCB) technology. The proposed design incorporates shorting vias(More)