Dawei Yuan

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Malnutrition is a prevalent and entrenched global socioeconomic challenge that reflects the combined impact of poverty, poor access to food, inefficient food distribution infrastructure, and an over-reliance on subsistence mono-agriculture. The dependence on staple cereals lacking many essential nutrients means that malnutrition is endemic in developing(More)
Micro-RNAs (miRNAs) have been found to be implicated in a very wide range of physiological processes. This study was aimed to investigate the regulation of miRNA-429 (miR-429) in gastric cancer cells on cell proliferation and apoptosis. Quantitative PCR was employed to detect the expressions of miR-429 after eukaryotic expression plasmid of miR-429 and its(More)
The accumulation of carotenoids in plants depends critically on the spatiotemporal expression profiles of the genes encoding enzymes in the carotenogenic pathway. We cloned and characterized the Gentiana lutea zeaxanthin epoxidase (GlZEP) promoter to determine its role in the regulation of carotenogenesis, because the native gene is expressed at high levels(More)
Heterosis is an important biological phenomenon; however, the role of small RNA (sRNA) in heterosis of hybrid rice remains poorly described. Here, we performed sRNA profiling of F1 super-hybrid rice LYP9 and its parents using high-throughput sequencing technology, and identified 355 distinct mature microRNAs and trans-acting small interfering RNAs, 69 of(More)
Paf15, which participates in DNA repair, is overexpressed in numerous solid tumors. Blocking of Paf15 inhibits the growth of many types of cancer cells; while simultaneously enhancing cellular sensitivity to UV radiation. However, its expression and function in rectal cancer (RC) remain unknown. The current study was undertaken to assess the association of(More)
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