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The recent focus on complex bacterial communities has led to the recognition of interactions across species boundaries. This is particularly pronounced in multispecies biofilms, where synergistic interactions impact the bacterial distribution and overall biomass produced. Importantly, in a number of settings, the interactions in a multispecies biofilm(More)
Horizontal gene transfer by conjugation is common among bacterial populations in soil. It is well known that the host range of plasmids depends on several factors, including the identity of the plasmid host cell. In the present study, however, we demonstrate that the composition of the recipient community is also determining for the dissemination of a(More)
Multispecies biofilms are predominant in almost all natural environments, where myriads of resident microorganisms interact with each other in both synergistic and antagonistic manners. The interspecies interactions among different bacteria are, despite the ubiquity of these communities, still poorly understood. Here, we report a rapid, reproducible and(More)
Angiogenesis of tissue-engineered bone remains a limited factor for the engineering of larger bone tissue constructs. Attempts to stimulate angiogenesis, using recombinant protein or gene transfer of angiogenic growth factors, have been proposed; however, these approaches have been associated with some problems regarding such as complex technique, expensive(More)
Biofilms that form on roots, litter and soil particles typically contain multiple bacterial species. Currently, little is known about multispecies biofilm interactions and few studies have been based on environmental isolates. Here, the prevalence of synergistic effects in biofilm formation among seven different soil isolates, cocultured in combinations of(More)
Energy demand modeling of machining processes is the foundation of energy optimization. Energy demand of machining state transition is integral to the energy requirements of the machining process. However, research focus on energy modeling of state transition is scarce. To fill this gap, an energy demand modeling methodology of key state transitions of the(More)
Bi-parameter incremental unknowns (IU) alternating directional implicit (ADI) iterative methods are proposed for solving elliptic problems. Condition numbers of the coefficient matrices for these iterative schemes are carefully estimated. Theoretical analysis shows that the condition numbers are reduced significantly by IU method, and the iterative(More)
Porous carbon can be tailored to great effect for electrochemical energy storage. In this study, we propose a novel structured spherical carbon with a macrohollow core and a microporous shell derived from a sustainable biomass, amylose, by a multistep pyrolysis route without chemical etching. This hierarchically porous carbon shows a particle distribution(More)
It is well known that bacteria often exist in naturally formed multispecies biofilms. Within these biofilms, interspecies interactions seem to have an important role in ecological processes. Little is known about the effects of interspecies interactions on gene expression in these multispecies biofilms. This study presents a comparative gene expression(More)
Mine construction process is complicated, accurate record of construction state is an important aspect of project management. Take MES concept into the description of Mine Construction Project State, the entire mining Construction Project are divided into several sub-projects, and each sub-project is divided into several processes, by recording the state of(More)
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