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With its growth and wide applications, virtualization has come through a revival in computer system community. Virtualization offers a lot of benefits including flexibility, security, ease to configuration and management, reduction of cost and so forth, but at the same time it also brings a certain degree of performance overhead. Furthermore, virtual(More)
—This paper proposes a versatile perceptual audio coding method that achieves high compression ratios and is capable of low encoding/decoding delay. It accommodates a variety of source signals (including both music and speech) with different sampling rates. It is based on separating irrelevance and redundancy reductions into independent functional units.(More)
This paper presents discrete stochastic approximation algorithms (DSA) for time synchronization in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems. It is shown that the discrete stochastic approximation algorithms can be effectively used to achieve a significant reduction in computational complexity compared to brute force maximum-likelihood (ML)(More)
Virtualization technology is currently becoming increasingly popular and valuable in cloud computing environments due to the benefits of server consolidation, live migration, and resource isolation. Live migration of virtual machines can be used to implement energy saving and load balancing in cloud data center. However, to our knowledge, most of the(More)
Virtualization technology is currently widely used due to its benefits on high resource utilization, flexible manageability and powerful system security. However, its use for high performance computing (HPC) is still not popular due to the unclearness of the virtualization overheads. It's worthy to evaluate the virtualization cost and to find the(More)
Virtual machine technology is widely applied to modern data center for cloud computing as a key technology to realize energy-efficient operation of servers. Server consolidation achieves energy efficiency by enabling multiple instantiations of operating systems (OSes) to run simultaneously on a single physical machine. While, live migration of virtual(More)
Date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) is a cultivated woody plant species with agricultural and economic importance. Here we report a genome assembly for an elite variety (Khalas), which is 605.4 Mb in size and covers >90% of the genome (~671 Mb) and >96% of its genes (~41,660 genes). Genomic sequence analysis demonstrates that P. dactylifera experienced a(More)
Plant non-specific lipid transfer proteins (nsLtps) have been reported to be involved in plant defense activity against bacterial and fungal pathogens. In this study, we identified 135 (122 putative and 13 previously identified) Solanaceae nsLtps, which are clustered into 8 different groups. By comparing with Boutrot's nsLtp classification, we classified(More)