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Laboratory measurements were conducted to determine particle size distribution and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) emissions from the burning of rice, wheat, and corn straws, three major agricultural crop residues in China. Particle size distributions were determined by a wide-range particle spectrometer (WPS). PAHs in both the particulate and(More)
We propose an approach to automatic clinical question answering based on UMLS relations. Rules are defined to identify the medical concepts and their relations in the questions and documents with the help of Metamap transfer and SemRep. The phrase-level answers are generated through matching concepts and relations between question and documents. Experiment(More)
Sensitivity analysis has been widely used in the studies of complicated chemical reaction and biological networks, for example, in combustion studies and metabolic control analysis of pathways. In the latter cases, the responses of system properties at steady states with respect to changes of parameters, such as initial concentrations and rate constants,(More)
A method of learning adaptation rules for case- based reasoning (CBR) is proposed in this paper. Adaptation rules are generated from the case-base with the guidance of domain knowledge which is also extracted from the case-base. The adaptation rules are refined before they are applied in the revision process. After solving each new problem, the adaptation(More)
Hourly mass concentrations of water-soluble ions in PM1 and gasses (NH3, HNO3, HCl) were on-line measured with a Monitor for AeRosols and Gases Analyzer (MARGA) in Shanghai from Oct. 1 to Nov. 16, 2012. During the field campaign, 7 haze episodes (total 157 h) were identified. 845 h were identified as non-haze periods, excluding fog events and wet(More)
A balanced question recommendation mechanism for user-interactive question answering (QA) systems is proposed to automatically recommend a new question to suitable users to answer. In this mechanism, a user modeling method is used to estimate the interests and professional areas of each user so that we can choose suitable users to answer a given question.(More)
A personalized e-learning framework based on a user-interactive question-answering (QA) system is proposed, in which a user-modeling approach is used to capture personal information of students and a personalized answer extraction algorithm is proposed for personalized automatic answering. In our approach, a topic ontology (or concept hierarchy) of course(More)
This paper proposes a novel method to analyze syntactic dependencies and label semantic dependencies around both the verbal predicates and the nouns. In this method, a probabilistic model is designed to obtain a global optimal result. Moreover, a predicate identification model and a disambiguation model are proposed to label predicates and their senses. The(More)
In this paper, we demonstrate the efficient 1.3 um dual-wavelength operation of LD end-pumped Nd:YAG ceramic laser. With a plano-concave cavity, a maximum continuous-wave dual-wavelength output power of 5.92 W is obtained under an incident pump power of 20.5 W, giving a slope efficiency of 30.3% and an optical-optical conversion efficiency of 29.0%. With(More)
Accurate queue estimation of traffic congestion at recurrent freeway bottlenecks is an important part of developing effective traffic control strategies. Two traffic flow analytical techniques are always employed in studying queuing processes: shockwave analysis and input-output analysis. These two techniques have been taken as separate tools for estimating(More)