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The application of network computing technology, more and more widely, its security is particularly important to the emergence of trusted computing research for the security of network computing application technology research has provided new opportunities. In this paper, the credibility of Web-based computing environment, the structure of thought and its(More)
BACKGROUND The aim was to research the molecular changes of bone cells induced by excessive dose of vitamin A, and analyze molecular mechanism underlying spontaneous fracture. METHODS The gene expression profile of GSE29859, including 4 cortical bone marrow samples with excessive doses of Vitamin A and 4 control cortical bone marrow samples, was obtained(More)
PURPOSE The study aimed to determine the superiority between 3-dimensional (3D) miniplate and standard miniplate for mandibular fractures (MFs) treatment. BACKGROUND Controversial results on the use of standard miniplate and 3D miniplate have remained for management of MFs. METHODS Several electronic databases were retrieved up to September 2014 to(More)
This article describes the works Principle and its structure of the Intrusion Prevention System and the Intrusion Detection System . Pointed out the Intrusion Prevention Systems to the traditional advantages and disadvantages of Intrusion Detection System. The shortcomings of current Intrusion Protection Systems are discussed and a number of future(More)
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