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Given that the ability to attend to a task without distraction underlies performance in a wide variety of contexts, training one's ability to stay on task should result in a similarly broad enhancement of performance. In a randomized controlled investigation, we examined whether a 2-week mindfulness-training course would decrease mind wandering and improve(More)
Contemplative mental practices aim to enable individuals to develop greater awareness of their own cognitive and affective states through repeated examination of first-person experience. Recent cross-sectional studies of long-term meditation practitioners suggest that the subjective reports of such individuals are better calibrated with objective indices;(More)
Mind-wandering is the focus of extensive investigation, yet until recently there has been no validated scale to directly measure trait levels of task-unrelated thought. Scales commonly used to assess mind-wandering lack face validity, measuring related constructs such as daydreaming or behavioral errors. Here we report four studies validating a(More)
Differential light-scattering measurements of Staphylococcus aureus cultures were made before and after treatment with streptomycin. Changes were observed in the light-scattering characteristics of streptomycin-treated sensitive cells within 5 min after suspension in a hypotonic solution. No changes were observed with a resistant strain of cells nor with(More)
A new multiangle light scattering instrument is described for the classification of single aerosol particles in a flowing gas stream. Simultaneous measurement at sixteen scattering angles over the surface of a spherical chamber permits determination of a variety of optical observables useful for the subsequent characterization of each measured particle.(More)
During tasks that require continuous engagement, the mind alternates between mental states of focused attention and mind-wandering. Existing research has assessed the functional connectivity of intrinsic brain networks underlying the experience and training of these mental states using "static" approaches that assess connectivity across an entire task. To(More)