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The prevalence of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs) is set to stabilize in Western Europe and North America, as opposed to its increasing trend in developing countries in Asia. The epidemiology of IBDs in areas where the incidence and prevalence are relatively low provides an opportunity for researchers to determine the unknown aspects of them. In this(More)
BACKGROUND Acne vulgaris is one of the most common skin disorders in youth especially during the puberty. OBJECTIVE This in vitro study was performed to determine the antibiotic resistance and sensitivity in acne vulgaris. MATERIALS AND METHODS Samples were collected from normal skin and nodulocystic and pustular skin lesions of one hundred youngsters(More)
In cell therapy and regenerative medicine, a reliable source of stem cells together with cytokine growth factors and biomaterial scaffolds seem necessary. As adipose tissue is easy accessible and is abundant source of adult stem cells and can differentiate along multiple lineages, it can be considered as a good candidate in aesthetic medicine. The clinical(More)
BACKGROUND Pseudomonas aeruginosa is an important cause of nosocomial infection and may lead to septicemia and death. We evaluated the immunogenicity of semi-purified exotoxin A from the bacterium in a mouse burn model. METHODS The toxoid was prepared from exotoxin A taken from toxigenic strains of P. aeruginosa (PA 103). 50 mice were immunized with the(More)
BACKGROUND Burn is still one of the most devastating injuries in emergency medicine while improvements in wound healing knowledge and technology have resulted into development of new dressings. This study was undertaken to evaluate the healing effect of licorice in Pseudomonas aeruginosa infected burn wounds of experimental rat model. METHODS One hundred(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM This study was performed to evaluate the prevalence of celiac disease (CD) in Shiraz, southern Iran. MATERIALS AND METHODS Serum samples were collected from 1440 persons (age range = 20-83 years, mean age = 45.4 years) in 2004 and screened for endomysial and tissue transglutaminase antibodies. A questionnaire was completed for all subjects(More)
BACKGROUND Bone healing and its reconstruction in fractures, especially in long bones are of particular importance in regenerative medicine. This study compares the bone healing rate after a human xenograft of mineralized bone and together with an allograft of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in an experimental tibial bone fracture rabbit model. (More)
BACKGROUND The cause of death in burn patients after 48 hours of hospitalization has been reported to be bacterial infections. Recently, due to the compounds accelerating the healing process and the intense reduction of treatment side effects, medicinal plants are used to cure burn wound infections. This study aims to investigate the medicinal effect of the(More)
BACKGROUND While there has been much research regarding risk factors and prognostic factors for breast cancer in general, research specific to Iran is sparse. Further, the association between breast cancer survival and socio-demographic and pathologic factors has been widely studied but the majority of these studies are from developed countries. Southern(More)
BACKGROUND Burns are still considered one of the most devastating conditions in emergency medicine affecting both genders and all age groups in developed and developing countries, resulting into physical and psychological scars and cause chronic disabilities. This study was performed to determine the healing effect of curcumin on burn wounds in rat. (More)