Davinia Pérez

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Infections with Eimeria ninakohlyakimovae represent important coccidian diseases of goats severely affecting animal health and profitability of goat industry. For the development of suitable vaccination strategies basic research is needed for which one important prerequisite is the establishment of in vitro cultures guaranteeing the availability of(More)
Coccidiosis is probably the main parasitic disease affecting goat kids around the weaning period, leading to high economic losses in goat production due to deaths and delayed growth rates of infected animals. A total of 101 kids of 2–4 weeks of age, naturally infected with Eimeria spp., were divided into five groups and studies were conducted to analyse the(More)
Although cellular immune reactions seem to be crucial for protective immune responses in Eimeria spp. infections, there are also evidences on an active involvement of the humoral counterpart. In the present study, we have analyzed the humoral response of goat kids subjected to primary and challenge infections with Eimeria ninakholyakimovae. Specific levels(More)
Caprine coccidiosis, affecting mainly young goat kids around the weaning period, is worldwide the most important disease in the goat industry. Control of caprine coccidiosis is increasingly hampered by resistances developed against coccidiostatic drugs leading to an enhanced need for anticoccidial vaccines. In the current study we conducted an oral(More)
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